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Our Crew

Meet our crew

The crew of the Maggie Sea is knowledgeable about fishing, wildlife, and Alaska's geology and history. Each year they complete a rigorous training in safety and rescue, and receive additional instruction on tides, wind, current, and weather.

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Our team is ready

We are familiar with the waterways of Southeast Alaska. Our crew has the experience and training to provide you with a safe, enjoyable wilderness adventure. They are skilled in trip planning, navigation, seamanship, meal preparation, small group paddling and hiking safety, and they possess knowledge of Alaska's history and wildlife.

The Maggie Sea has earned a reputation as one of the best custom charter companies in Southeast Alaska. But don't just take our word for it. Be sure to spend a few minutes reading several of the Google reviews from our clients.

Jeff Polizzotto

Captain and chef

Jeff Polizzotto is a licensed Alaska OUPV Captain. He can captain any size vessel up to 100 tons. Jeff enjoys sharing the experience and grandeur of coastal Alaska with visiting guests. He is in charge of the safe operation of the Maggie Seas while guests are on board—at sea or at the dock. He is responsible for ensuring guests receive the highest care and consideration during their wilderness adventure. Jeff is certified in First Aid and CPR.

Jeff is a professional chef with eighteen years of experience preparing gourmet meals. Using the finest and freshest ingredients available—including organic food and local Alaskan seafood—Jeff ensures that every meal is a food lover's delight. He prepares gourmet dishes using quality ingredients and specialized cooking skills. Jeff cooks each meal, appetizer, dessert, and snack served aboard the Maggie Sea. He is well-organized and familiar with many cuisines, food preferences, and dietary restrictions.

Timothy Miller


Timothy Miller is our enthusiastic deckhand. He performs numerous duties essential to running the Maggie Sea. Timothy loads and unloads cargo or luggage, relays important information to the crew, maintains ship equipment, assists with watch duties, and participates in the general upkeep of the vessel. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Greasing and cleaning machinery.
  • Moving heavy objects around.
  • Securing the Maggie Sea using lines and knots.
  • Operating radio and navigational equipment.
  • Assisting during emergencies and effectively deploying safety equipment.
  • Performing general maintenance duties such as cleaning painting, sweeping and mopping.
  • Preparing cabins for crew or passengers.
  • Using various ropes, knots and radio and navigational equipment.

John Schnell

PhotographEr and guide

John Schnell is our photographer and web designer. He provides leadership and coaching for our photography workshops. John has extensive experience in Alaska. He was an expedition photographer for Alaska Discovery, and taught marketing at The University of Alaska Southeast. John led photography adventures for Alaska Sailing Charters in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011, and guided photo workshops for Alaska Wilderness Charters in 2018 and 2019.

John's photographs have appeared in Audubon, Sierra Club, and Nature Conservancy calendars. He is a former winner of the Alaska Magazine photography contest. His images have been featured in numerous magazines, including Defenders of Wildlife, Nature Photography and Canoe/Kayak.

The Maggie Sea Custom Alaska Charters Juneau 907-321-7077

Service is always in style

Our crew is knowledgeable about fishing, whales and other wildlife, and Alaska's geology and history. Each year the crew completes a rigorous training review, including safety and rescue, and in-depth training in tides, wind, current, and weather. Our crew will: 

  • Make things easier for you. Behind the scenes, our crew handles all trip planning, logistics, packing, and many other chores. Relax and make the most of your trip.
  • Keep you safe. Our crew is highly trained to anticipate and avoid dangers in order to ensure your safety. Please understand that every outdoor activity entails an element of risk. We can't promise you won't get hurt, but we have never had a serious injury that has required a client evacuation.
  • Keep you informed. Our crew will share their personal knowledge of the areas we visit. Not only do they know the names of plants and animals, but they can inform you about the complex interaction between many of the plants, animals, geology, ocean and weather.
Anchor White © John Schnell Photography. The Maggie Sea Custom Alaska Charters Juneau 907-321-7077
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