Book the Maggie Sea for an unforgettable Alaska wildlife tour. With majestic eagles, incredible whales, acrobatic orcas, and prowling bears on offer, you’ll have great memories from your Alaska adventure.
Set sail on a wildlife viewing charter aboard the Maggie Sea. With an experienced crew and passionate guides, you'll experience the incredible fjords, glaciers, and ancient rainforests of Alaska while having the chance to encounter some of Alaska's most iconic wildlife. The range of wildlife includes soaring eagles, majestic whales, and awe-inspiring bears. Our guides possess a wealth of knowledge about Southeast Alaska. They will ensure you are fully immersed in the natural surroundings, providing an engaging and memorable experience.
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The maggie Sea

Unlock the adventure of a lifetime 

Are you ready to conquer the wilds of Alaska? Look no further than the Maggie Sea, the ultimate Alaska charter experience. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing expedition through stunning fjords, enchanting rainforests, and the awe-inspiring habitat of majestic whales and incredible wildlife. Don't put this adventure on ice—join our tribe of thrill-seekers and nature lovers.