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Nothing can compare to the freedom and flexibility of a custom Alaska charter. We'll cruise through pristine waterways aboard the Maggie Sea, our 40' cabin cruiser, with unparalleled access to fjords, glaciers, ancient rainforests, whales, and other wildlife. There is simply no better way to experience and enjoy the Alaskan wilderness.

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It was a proud moment for us when our daughter Maggie graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School. She has always been a great student, and seeing her walk up the stage to receive her honors stole our hearts. We know that Maggie is destined for great things. And sure enough, she has enrolled at the prestigious University of Glasgow—a dream come true for our little scholar!

When we heard the news, of course we had to celebrate—with some Scottish whisky! We raised our glasses to our bright, focused daughter. As parents, we couldn't be more excited for Maggie. But of course, moving to Scotland will be a big change for her. We hope we got her off to a good start. We helped her move into her new housing, even though that meant flying across the pond. It was the least we could do for our little genius.

The Maggie Sea (our 40’ custom cabin cruiser) was named for Maggie herself. Yes, our little girl has always had a love for the sea, and that's why we named our boat for her. Now she is setting sail on a new adventure that involves books and essays instead of life vests and fishing nets.

Here's to Maggie, our witty and adventurous daughter, and a proud student at the University of Glasgow. We love you, kiddo! We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish next.

Jeff and Rebecca Polizzotto

Maggie Polizzotto, University of Glasgow, class of 2028
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Alaska’s natural beauty makes it a destination of extraordinary travel opportunities. Experience the best of Alaska aboard the Maggie Sea—including ancient rainforests, rugged mountains, magnificent wildlife, and majestic fjords. A carefully crafted Alaska adventure awaits.

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Unless you want to spend all your time enjoying the comforts of the Maggie Sea, plan to bring quality outdoor clothing that is appropriate for your Alaska adventure—including good rain gear.

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Are you ready to conquer the wilds of Alaska? Look no further than the Maggie Sea, the ultimate Alaska charter experience. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing expedition through stunning fjords, enchanting rainforests, and the awe-inspiring habitat of majestic whales and incredible wildlife.

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