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Our fabulous daycation

“We were hoping for an experience with stunning scenery, unparalleled access to wildlife, and mouth-watering cuisine. We surpassed our dreams while aboard this custom charter boat in Juneau, Alaska.”

This is a kick-ass adventure that lavishly lives up to expectations

We luxuriated aboard the 40' cabin cruiser Maggie Sea on our custom charter in Southeast Alaska. With stunning scenery, top-notch amenities, and a cuisine fit for a king, it's no wonder the Maggie Sea is the talk of the town.

The moment we stepped aboard the 40’ cabin cruiser Maggie Sea, we knew we were in for a day of culinary delights at sea. With the scent of freshly caught halibut wafting from the galley and the sound of waves slapping against the hull, we set off on our Alaskan adventure.

As we cruised through the pristine waterways, our captain skillfully navigated us through the fjords, past glaciers, and into ancient rainforests, where we spotted bald eagles soaring overhead. It was a magical sight that echoed the true majesty of the Alaskan wilderness. 

But it wasn't just the scenery that captivated us. Chef Jeff, our captain and culinary genius, served the best seafood we have ever sampled, all freshly caught in the same waters we were now slicing through. The buttery Dungeness crab legs were so succulent that we couldn't help but go back for seconds, and the grilled halibut had a smoky flavor that lingers in my memory. 

As we continued cruising, playful humpback whales surrounded us, their enormous tails breaking the surface as they powered back into the water. It was like they were performing just for us. And when we came across a pair of orcas with their distinctive black and white markings, we knew we were in a truly special place.

Captain Jeff, who seemed to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the wildlife and the area, pointed out the Steller sea lions lounging on rocks and sea otters floating on their backs, cracking open shells with rocks. We were immersed in the natural world without another boat in sight.

Hop aboard and set sail for your adventure today!

Helm SVG © The Maggie Sea, Juneau, Alaska
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The Maggie Sea offers gourmet meals at sea. Chef Jeff Polizzotto will create a dazzling menu to comply with your dietary requirements. Jeff prepares healthy and savory meals—including superbly grilled filets, fresh halibut, Dungeness crab, Sockeye salmon, Alaska spot prawns, or your mouth-watering catch of the day. You'll find yourself wondering… what’s for dinner?

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The maggie Sea

Unlock the adventure of a lifetime 

Are you ready to conquer the wilds of Alaska? Look no further than the Maggie Sea, the ultimate Alaska charter experience. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing expedition through stunning fjords, enchanting rainforests, and the awe-inspiring habitat of majestic whales and incredible wildlife. Don't put this adventure on ice—join our tribe of thrill-seekers and nature lovers.